Who We Are

sportsMultisport  Explosion is different than most triathlon teams out there today.  Most of the youth programs have grown out of established adult coaching service programs as a way to capitalize on the fast growing youth movement happening in triathlon today.  We however started as a youth only program because we are passionate about introducing youths to the sport of triathlon and then from the urging of the youth members parents we have grown to include everyone in our Multisport Explosion family.

DonnaandTim smMultisport Explosion began as a Youth Development team in March of 2011 with 12 youths ranging from age 6 to 17.  Before the season ended in 2011 we had 42 members.  In  March of 2012 we started with 46 youths and by August of the same year we had 86 happy team members.  Our goal is to introduce youths of all abilities to the sport of triathlon to experience the joy and rewards that the sport has to offer them.  In 2012 we decided to start a Women’s Only team to encourage women to try the sport of triathlon too!  The team was so successful that in 2013 we decided to include everyone in the Multisport Explosion family.  We are excited to announce the addition to the Youth Developmental team,  we offer: a Regional High School team, Club team, Adult Elite team, a High Performance Team, an Emerging Elite team and personal Coaching services provided to all by our passionate and experienced coaching staff.  If you want to be part of the Multisport Explosion family in 2018 check out the rest of our website!